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The MRC des Collines-de-l’Outaouais Public Security Service is proud to share with you the results of the 2022 season of its boat patrol team. First, our officers had the pleasure of using a brand new boat, more spacious and adapted to police work on water. Secondly, our team used the boat 32 times on several different bodies of water of the territory and proceeded to

– 527 boat verified

– Issued 252 warnings

– Issued 29 fines

– Expelled 69 boaters

According to the 2022 statistics

– 37% of all verifications were on the Gatineau River

– 41% of all warnings were given on the Gatineau River

– 41% of all fines issued were to boaters on the Gatineau River

– 43% of all evictions were done on the Gatineau River

In contrast, the location where our police officers issued the fewest warnings and fines (based on the number of verifications) was at McGregor Lake in Val-des-Monts

On the other hand, the location where our police officers observed the most violations based on the number of verifications was at Meech Lake in Chelsea where 24% of all fines were issued. For this location, almost all of the violations were related to a lack of mandatory equipment when operating a non-motorized vessel.

In 2021, our team had conducted 213 collisions and issued 16 statements of offence.

For more information we invite you to read the Safe Boating Guide…/default/files/migrated/tp_511e.pdf