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Please note: Due to the frequency of updates to the Notice of Tax Sale document, the link below may not display the most recent version – December 1 – please press Ctrl and F5 at the same time to refresh the page quickly.

The tax sale will be held on Thursday, December 1, 2022, at 10:00 a.m, at the Meredith Centre located at 23 Cecil Road in Chelsea.

You can access the list of properties for sale here.
Those interested in participating must have read the conditions of sale.

Acquisition procedure

If a person is the successful bidder on a property, he or she will have to submit the duly completed registration form. For a natural person, the registration form for a physical person or for a company, the registration form for a legal entity as well as copies of two valid pieces of identification with photo (ex: passport, driver’s license or health insurance card);

If the successful bidder is a company, proof of the company’s existence (copy of the company’s charter or register of companies) and a resolution authorizing the agent to act must be submitted;

If a person is mandated to bid on behalf of another individual, a copy of that person’s identification as well as the person authorizing him/her to bid on his/her behalf must be provided, as well as the duly signed power of attorney authorizing the person to bid;

Method of payment

The auction price must be paid immediately in cash (the maximum amount that can be accepted in cash is $7,499.00) or bank draft made payable to RPGL in trust, failing which the property will be put up for sale immediately. In the event that a bank draft is submitted for an amount greater than the purchase price (with GST/QST where applicable), the excess payment will be remitted to the successful bidder approximately two weeks later.

Depending on the number of participants, please note that other accommodations may be made on the day of the sale to ensure that the auction is conducted in a sanitary manner and to ensure the safety of all.

For all information related to the process, please contact Mrs. Marie-Josée Beaulieu at 819 561-1042, ext. 244.


Contracts for 2018 through 2021, as of December 22, 2021, click here.


No ongoing calls for tenders.