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As many of you know, last weekend marked the end of the construction vacations, but also a long weekend for our neighbors in Ontario.

I’m sure you’ll understand that our police officers have been working hard to keep our roads safe, so you can get home to your family.

That’s why multiple speed surveillance operations were carried out throughout the weekend, but especially on Sunday August 6 on Highway 105 in La Pêche. More than twenty speeding tickets were issued during this afternoon operation.

During the same weekend;

– Drivers aged 19 and 44 were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol in Chelsea and Val-des-Monts.

– Two (2) other drivers were fined $2,250 each for driving with a suspended license under the Criminal Code (alcohol) (Cantley and Val-des-Monts).

– A 20-year-old woman received $3,533 in fines for speeding (x2), failing to stop immediately, failing to make a mandatory stop and driving with alcohol in her system when prohibited by her driver’s license. Her driver’s license was also suspended for 90 days, and her vehicle was towed away. (Pontiac)