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All police services in Quebec, in collaboration with the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) traffic controllers, will intensify their interventions and awareness activities from April 28 to May 4, as part of the national concerted operation “Share the Road”.

The theme of this year’s operation is “On the road, behave yourself” and it will mark the 10th anniversary of national concerted operations. It aims to remind all road users, regardless of who they are, of the importance of not only obeying the laws in force,

but also to adopt behaviors that promote their own safety and that of others. We are all, at times, a driver, a cyclist or a pedestrian.

It is essential to be patient and vigilant.

Let’s remember that the purpose of the precautionary principle, as defined by the Highway Safety Code, is to ensure the safety of everyone on the road network. It provides that each road user, regardless of his or her means of transportation, is obliged, especially with regard to those who are more vulnerable than him or her, to exercise due care.

It provides that every road user, regardless of their mode of transportation, is required to act with caution and respect when using public roads, especially with respect to those who are more vulnerable than they are.

It is important to remember that vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians, are required to behave in a manner that promotes their safety.