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Publié le 25 août 2010

CHELSEA, AUGUST 27TH, 2010 NEWS RELEASE REGIONAL SEPTIC TANK SLUDGE TREATMENT PROJECT On August 24th, 2010, the Council of the Regional County Municipality adopted the final version of the Consultation Report held on June 28th, on the information summary and study of needs and on concept and process assessment for its planned regional septic sludge treatment plant. This report is available for public consultation purposes (in French only, English version to come) Based on the findings in CIMA+’s final report and on the public consultation’s report, the Council adopted, on August 24th, a resolution on the technologies that will be integrated to the general design of its future regional septic sludge treatment plant, as detailed hereinafter: • Construction of service buildings; • Construction of a discharge with mechanical screening; • Construction an underground concrete tank divided in two cells ; • Installation of rotary presses; • Construction of a waste water treatment chain including : a primary settling tank and a completely mixed and aerated basins system; • Installation of an ultra violet disinfection system ; • Construction of an effluent outlet pipe to the main water course; • Valorization of the dewatered sludge offsite; • Implantation of mitigation measures for odours, noise and visual impacts. The mitigation measures will have to be in compliance with the site to be chosen specificity. The resolution also authorized CIMA+ to immediately go ahead with the search for potential implementation areas for the treatment plant to be built, as planned in the project agenda. Note to Editor: For more information on the project, please feel free to contact: Patrick Laliberté Environment and Physical Resources Manager 819-827-0516, ext. 2250

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