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COMMUNIQUÉS - During the February 18th MRC des Collines-de-l’Outaouais Council meeting, an addendum

Publié le 1 mars 2010

During the February 18th MRC des Collines-de-l’Outaouais Council meeting, an addendum was brought to CIMA+ contract for the pre-feasibility study of a regional septic tank sludge treatment centre, altering the phases and the area affected by the project. The modification was made following a request by the Municipality of La Pêche’s Municipal Council. Thus, the study’s main stages will now be as follows: 1- Information summary and study of needs; 2- Concepts and process assessment; The first public consultation will be held in regards to the technological options in order to select a concept and process; 3- Search for potential areas; 4- Detailed study of 2 sites; The second public consultation will be on the site search and study. The Council will select a site following this consultation; The third public consultation will present the chosen project and site to the residents of the concerned area: 5- Obtaining necessary permits and public communications; 6- Final design and drafting of plans and specifications; 7- Call for bids in order to find a contractor to carry out construction; 8- Study of bids. It should be noted that stage 3 - “Search for potential sites” has been added to CIMA+’s mandate in order to include the entire MRC’s territory. To this end, CIMA+ will develop selection criteria which will include technical, geographical, economic and sustainable development aspects. The expected results are the following : - a list of selection criteria; - a map of the areas that meet all the selection criteria; - a technical opinion concerning the sites considered by the MRC since 1991. …/22/… An information committee consisting mainly of representatives of environmental groups and general public was also formed. The committee’s main task is to support the Council of Mayors with its public communications to ensure the transparency and proper circulation of information pertaining to this project. -30- March 2010 Source : Patrick Laliberté – Head of Environnement and material resources – 819 827-0516 ext. : 2250 – “In the case of a difference and/or an incompatibility between the French and English texts of any provision of this press release, the French text shall prevail ”.

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