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This morning, at the MRC des Collines-de-l’Outaouais Public Security Headquarters, Constable Francis Éthier-Skelhorn had his “official haircut” to raise funds for the CHEO Foundation.

Constable Skelhorn had been growing out his hair for more than 2 years, in order to be able to put it back into prostheses. The idea stems from the fact that his own niece, Océanne St-Jean-Bibeau, is currently undergoing treatment at CHEO to help her in her fight against cancer. To honour her perseverance and resilience, Constable Skelhorn decided to organize this event.

One good idea led to another, and Constable Jade Legros decided to support the initiative by getting her hair cut and donating the proceeds to the organization. Well done, Jade!

For the occasion, even Constable Skelhorn’s father’s wife, Louise Lavergne, a hairdresser for the past 28 years, had the opportunity to cut her son-in-law’s hair and that of Constable Legros.

The initial goal of raising $1,000 was definitely surpassed. Many thanks to all