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With a territory of more than 2000 km2, the MRC des Collines-de-l’Outaouais is an ideal place to use an off-road vehicle, whether you are alone or with your family. But as you surely know, there are strict rules that govern the practice of this popular activity.

In order to better understand the whole thing, it is important to know what qualifies as an off-road vehicle. An off-road vehicle can be;


The following motorized all-terrain vehicles:

– quad bikes

– recreational off-road vehicles

– all-terrain motorcycles, including motocross bikes

Other motorized all-terrain vehicles designed or adapted to be operated on uneven or unpaved terrain or terrain that is difficult to access, especially surfaces covered with snow, ice, earth, sand or gravel, as well as in wooded areas and other natural environments.

What are the situations most often reported by our citizens or observed by our police officers?

# 1- ORV driving on a public road

# 2- An ORV without a registration

# 3- An ORV owner without insurance

# 4- An ORV user without a helmet

So with the arrival of the warm weather, we strongly invite you to consult the SAAQ website :…/snowmobile-all-terrain-off… regarding OHVs to find all the answers to your questions. The few minutes you take to read the whole thing will save you many surprises and perhaps hundreds of $$$.

To report a situation involving an off-road vehicle, please contact our Call Centre directly at 819-459-9911 or at 1-888-459-9911 or via 911 for any emergency.