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Once again this year, our Traffic Division team organized clinics at several day-care centers in the Collines-de-l’Outaouais region to check the installation of children’s car seats. Once again, the event was a huge success.

During these clinics, the police officers’ job was to inform and advise parents of the standards and regulations in force, as well as certain manufacturers’ specifications concerning the seat used. Of course, our officers would readjust the seat if necessary.

The activities were intended to be “preventive”, not “repressive”, so no fines were issued.

– 5 clinics

– 244 seats checked

– 65 non-compliant seats installed and readjusted by our police officers

– 25 seats were “completely” installed

– 2 situations where the seat did not allow the child to be a passenger in the vehicle.

The safety of the children of Les Collines is very important to us, so we invite the day-care centres in the Collines area that have not yet participated in these prevention clinics to plan ahead for 2024, and to contact Constable Patrick Leboeuf, who is in charge of the initiative, at 819-459-2422 – ext. 3265.