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For over a week, the MRC des Collines-de-l’Outaouais public safety service had been receiving several complaints from motorists on Montée de la Source about a reckless motorcyclist who was speeding and passing dangerously. This usually occurred in the morning rush hour, but also in the evening. In some cases, complainants had even sent in videos from their on-board cameras.

We can confirm that your complaints were not in vain, as our police officers were able to identify and arrest the individual involved on September 29, as he was already being sought by both our police service and the Gatineau police service. It should be noted that he was already subject to a national driving ban.

This incident just goes to show how important it is when you see dangerous behaviour on the road to report it quickly to the authorities, so that the police can intervene and put a stop to actions that could endanger you and your family.

For all emergencies dial 911