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Chelsea, April 2, 2020. The Government of Québec issued a decree on April 1 announcing the establishment of checkpoints in the Outaouais health region. The MRC checkpoints will be staffed by MRC police officers from our public security service.


The MRC Council of Mayors agrees with this decree. It has been enacted for the benefit of our citizens. The Council is in discussion with the Centre intégré de santé et des services sociaux (CISSS-O) to extend this decree to other parts of the territory located between the MRC des Collines-de-l'Outaouais and the City of Gatineau, to protect the citizens of our MRC from the spread of the virus.


This is a public health directive that was not adopted lightly but was necessary in order to protect the region. We are taking these measures to protect our region from the spread of the virus.


  1. What trips are allowed?
  • Trips are no longer allowed between regions, except those considered essential.
  • By way of example, such trips include everything related to essential services which affect the health of citizens and humanitarian causes, think of firefighters, a police officer, an aid worker, a nurse, truck drivers of essential goods such as food and medicine, etc.


  1. What trips are prohibited?
  • Any that are not essential such as trips by citizens who want to go to their cottage in one of the targeted regions, a citizen who wants to visit the region, etc.


  1. What are the consequences for residents of the Outaouais region?
  • Measures announced by the government are the same throughout the province.
  • We ask citizens to stay at home, avoid all gatherings and go out only when necessary – to do grocery shopping or to go to the pharmacy or for medical services, while always maintaining a social distance of 2 meters.
  • We want travel to be limited as much as possible to people who work for an essential service.


  1. How long will this measure be in place?
  • This measure will be in place for as long as necessary.
  • The situation is assessed daily by Public Health: it will make the decision to lift the checkpoints.


  1. Could other checkpoints be added in the coming days or weeks?
  • We will follow the directives of Public Health.


  1. Why limit travel to the least affected regions and not vice versa?
  • The objective of the decree is to protect regions where the health network is less well equipped to deal with significant contagion.
  • These are also regions with more vulnerable and more isolated populations, such as First Nations communities.
  • Public health authorities tell us that they want to limit the spread of the virus in these areas.


  1. At the press conference on Saturday, the Deputy Prime Minister spoke of avoiding a climate of suspicion and invited citizens to show good citizenship. Why?
  • We must avoid a climate of suspicion setting in in Québec.
  • Do not call the police just because there is one more car in your neighbour’s driveway. Now is not the time for neighbourhood bickering: on the contrary.
  • On the other hand, if you see a situation that you consider abnormal, for example a party in a house or a gathering in a park, we invite you to contact our police force in order to notify them of the situation at 819-459-9911.


It's time to stay united to overcome this ordeal together. Everyone must contribute in their own way to the collective effort. This is how Québec will get through this pandemic.


Caryl Green
MRC des Collines-de-l’Outaouais 
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