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Agricultural zone development plan

What is a PDZA?

The Agricultural Zone Development Plan (PDZA) is a planning document that aims to enhance the agricultural area of ​​a regional county municipality (Municipalité régionale de conté (MRC)) by promoting the sustainable development of agricultural activities. It is based on a state of affairs and the determination of the possibilities of development of agricultural activities. It is carried out by a MRC, in consultation with local stakeholders.

The PDZA is complementary and compatible with the various planning approaches carried out in the MRC or the region (development master plan, local action plan for the economy and employment, sectoral strategic plan in agriculture…).

The development of a PDZA can notably contribute to:

acquire a more precise knowledge of the territory and agricultural activities;
create a new dynamic of consultation between the actors in the field;
establish a place of exchange conducive to the definition of a concerted vision of the development of agriculture;
determine the best ways to fully exploit the agricultural potential and take concrete actions.

The PDZA should:

showcase agricultural enterprises and their products;
aim to increase or diversify production, products, business models or marketing methods;
promote the recognition of the multifunctionality of agriculture;
encourage the development of complementary activities such as agrotourism or on-farm processing.

Agricultural zone development plan

Click here to view the preliminary document..

Survey on agricultural issues

As part of the Agricultural Area Development Plan, the MRC des Collines-de-l’Outaouais is asking for the participation of the population in a survey aimed at prioritizing the issues of the agricultural area development. The result of this exercise will allow the MRC to identify actions related to these issues aiming to energise agriculture on its territory.

For this purpose, you may send to the MRC any comment or a brief regarding the issues via email at sletourneau@mrcdescollines.com

To participate in the survey, click here.

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